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PIC pro experiences

PIC pro at Halász Klinika with Dr. Zsolt Halász

“I think the PIC system is 50 - 100 times faster, [compared to] the traditional method.” Dr. Zsolt Halász and his team immediately noticed the productivity increase that PIC system Gravity brought to their clinic.

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Dec 13, 2022

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We recently completed a PIC pro training at Halász Klinika in Szekszárd, a beautiful town in the south of Hungary.

Halász Klinika is known in Hungary as one of the best equipped dental practices using the latest dental technology, with a team of over 24 highly qualified professionals. Dr. Halász himself has over 28 years of experience and currently places over 800 implants per year, many of which are full arch implant rehabilitations. According to Tamás Marosi, director of Nobel Biocare Hungary, for many years Dr. Halász had placed the highest number of implants in Hungary! Halász Klinika’s goal is to provide patients with dental replacements that last for a lifetime. They live up to this goal by using the world’s top dental solutions, which is where the PIC system comes in.

“We want to work only digitally, and I think this is the key factor for the new era.”

PIC pro Halász Klinika 19In order to scale up their full arch practice, the team at Halász Klinika knew they needed to improve their productivity for the well-being and peace of mind of their dental technicians, doctors and patients. This meant it was time to leave the past behind by removing inefficiencies such as using ti-bases, doing verification jigs, try-ins or any physical models while increasing the quality and productivity of their restorations and providing a better experience for their patients.

PIC pro Halász Klinika 3In order to achieve these goals, Dr. Halász decided to add a PIC system to his practice. Halász Klinika has a total of nine clinical rooms, so the PIC system Gravity was the perfect form factor choice. With PIC system Gravity, Dr. Halász and the team take full advantage of QuickSwitch Power and All-On-4 Wheels to easily move the system between rooms without turning it off.

PIC pro Halász Klinika 10

With the Zero-Gravity Arm, taking a capture with the PIC system has never been more comfortable.

Since Halász Klinika is a busy dental practice that sees many patients throughout a day, being able to comfortably switch the PIC system Gravity between rooms and knowing how quick a capture can be completed provides the clinical team with a sense of confidence that they will get all their appointments done efficiently.

“It’s more comfortable for the patient: no uncomfortable impressions. It’s quick: what used to be a half or full hour procedure will now take 2-3 minutes.”

With PIC dental solutions, Halász Klinika can now deliver immediate loading treatments in record times. Their full arch restoration process used to schedule a second appointment with the patient on the next day after their surgery to place the temporary prosthesis. With the PIC pro workflow, they are now able to design, mill and deliver a milled temporary prosthesis (all done in their in-house dental lab) in less than two hours after the surgery, saving time for the patients, doctors, assistants and dental technicians.

Doctor with patient - HK

Even the patients were curious to learn about their new experience. A PIC system capture takes just a few minutes to set up (and as little as a second to capture). With the PIC pro workflow, dental practices can reduce multiple appointments for patients and several hours of time for both doctors and dental technicians.

“The software is very simple […], it’s like an app. It's very simple to use.”

Halász Klinika’s in-house lab has a team of three dental technicians, which worked closely with the PIC pro trainer over the course of the three days. 

PIC pro Halász Klinika 18


After capturing implant positions with PIC system Gravity, clinicians sent the PIC file to the lab via email directly from PIC suite’s interface.

The PIC file is a digital, undivisible vector file that contains the implants positions and angulations. It is exported in STL format and can be used in all major dental CAD software solutions. Halász Klinika’s lab team had no issues using their preferred Zirkonzahn® design software to import and align the PIC file with soft tissue scan data to finalize the prosthesis design and send it over to their 3D printer and milling machines.

“I think the PIC system is 50 - 100 times faster, [compared to] the traditional method.”

After a hands-on PIC pro class, all of the clinical team at Halász Klinika got to work with PIC system Gravity on their actual clinical cases, including completing an immediate loading treatment with surgery and producing both 3D printed and milled temporary restorations.

Clinical assistants quickly got the hang of case setup thanks to PIC suite’s Lightspeed Odontogram that facilitates configuring a case for capture in seconds. On PIC system Gravity, the PIC camera is counter-balanced on the Zero-Gravity Arm to stay in place, which provided much more ease to position the camera during capture.

“The whole system is easier and faster than the old-fashioned impression was. The PIC system is absolutely the most accurate one on the market.”

As a practice focused on delivering dental prostheses that last a lifetime, adding a PIC system and implementing the PIC pro workflow makes Halász Klinika’s treatments more predictable and efficient.

PIC pro Halász Klinika 17Once their PIC pro training started, the team at Halász Klinika was finally able to experience the benefits and apply them to their clinical cases right away. For a leading, close-knit team that is already highly invested in staying up to date with the latest dental technologies and treatments, implementing the PIC system and making their way through the PIC pro workflow was a breeze. We look forward to seeing the success it brings Halász Klinika in the future!

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