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PIC system

The world’s first and most precise implants oral scanner for taking digital impressions of multiple dental implants.

PIC system Gravity-Camera

Best in class precision

The PIC system’s precision is of 6 microns (under controlled light, temperature and humidity conditions).

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Guaranteed passive fit

The system's precision stays consistent regardless of the operator's experience and number and distribution of implants.

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Scientifically & clinically validated for +12 years

The PIC system is validated by 15+ scientific publications and more than 250,000 successful clinical cases from our customers.

The PIC system is a technology solution consisting of four parts

Precise Implants Capture means you get a guaranteed passive fit.

Every time.

As easy as 1-2-3.

1. Implant positions capture

1. Implant positions capture

The implant positions and angulations are captured with PIC system's guaranteed precision.


2. Soft tissue capture

2. Soft tissue capture

The geometry of the soft tissues is captured with an intraoral scanner or a conventional impression.

3. Precise digital model

3. Precise digital model

The PIC file containing the implant positions and the soft tissue data are aligned in a dental CAD software.

PIC transfer reflection in PIC camera lens

Precision matters. 

A guaranteed passive fit matters even more.

According to recent scientific studies*, a good passive fit should have a deviation of less than 100 microns. A human hair is about 70 microns thick. PIC system’s accuracy is <4 microns (under controlled light, temperature and humidity conditions).

*Source: Katsoulis, J., Takeichi, T., Sol Gaviria, A., Peter, L., & Katsoulis, K. (2017). Misfit of implant prostheses and its impact on clinical outcomes. Definition, assessment and a systematic review of the literature. Eur J Oral Implantol, 10(Suppl 1), 121-138.

Choose your system

The PIC system is available in two different form factors.

All-In-One Design

Our All-in-One Design concept integrates all of the PIC system's parts (that in the past used to be separate devices) in a single unit.

PIC system

All about portability.

This PIC system is provided in a single, carry-on luggage size case. Its reduced footprint makes it ideal for road or air travel.

All the electronics, such as the computer, are built-in. A large touchscreen is integrated into the inside of the lid to stay at the perfect angle when in use. The PIC camera is safely stored in its own section. There's even a dedicated compartment for carrying PIC transfers

PIC system (case) open_diagonal

PIC system Gravity 

Get ready to roll.

The Gravity is the best choice for practices with a high volume of implant restorations and multiple clinical rooms. It’s shaped to fit close to dental chairs and, thanks to its features, changing rooms is a breeze.

New PIC system Gravity_diagonal
New PIC system Gravity_Zero-Gravity Arm

Zero-Gravity Arm

This arm safely holds the PIC camera and it is precisely counterbalanced so the camera stays in position.

Its range of motion lets you move the camera to the perfect place in front of the patient’s mouth and complete a capture hands-free. When you're done, the arm folds and locks down in position to be more compact for storage and transport.

QuickSwitch Power

QuickSwitch Power

An internal intelligent power supply unit with a backup battery.

When a room change is needed, PIC system Gravity can be unplugged from AC power without turning it off. QuickSwitch Power immediately activates and keeps the system running on battery power while it’s on the move. When plugged back in the next room, it switches over to the AC power again.

New PIC system Gravity_All-on-4 Wheels

All-On-4 Wheels

At the base, PIC system Gravity is supported by 4 wheels that allow it to glide effortlessly through your practice.

Move your PIC system Gravity to a different room in seconds and approach chairside when needed. Together with QuickSwitch Power, PIC system Gravity is ready to capture all day long.

Perfect integration

The PIC system is fully compatible with all the CAD/CAM solutions and implant manufacturers you and your lab already work with. 

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Don't just take our word for it.

PIC dental solutions are supported by scientific evidence and clinical experience.

The PIC system's claim of being the most precise implants oral scanner in the world is backed by a long legacy of proof.

Our results speak for themselves: peer-reviewed scientific studies, successful clinical cases, happy clients...

PIC dental - scientific evidence

Scale Up

Your Full Arch Practice

More cases in less time.

Forget the usual bottlenecks of a high volume of full arch implant-prostheses rehabilitations.

Improve the quality of your restorations while reducing costs, work, delivery time and patient appointments.
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