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Client Experiences

Boosting clinical productivity

PIC dental solutions are used worldwide in 28+ countries with over 1,000,000 successful clinical cases completed by our clients in over a decade.

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15 years of PIC dental

A word from the PIC dental community

G4 by Golpa

G4 by Golpa - USA

From a different technology to 3 PIC systems at once

After first purchasing a different technology for capturing multiple implants, the G4 team realized it was not up to the task and ended up returning it and getting in touch with PIC dental.

Dr. Golpa then made the bold choice of going all-in and implementing a PIC system at each of the three G4 Surgical Centers across the US.
Brianza Dent

Brianza Dent - Tirana, Albania

One month experiencing the results... time for a second PIC system!

Brianza Dent is a well-known Albanian clinic which provides implantoprosthesis treatments with a focus on the All-On-6 Technique and a high volume of full arch restorations.

Dr. Mavriqi first got a PIC system with the on-site PIC pro training in August of 2021. Just a month after experiencing the PIC system's productivity boost, Dr. Mavriqi already decided to add a second PIC system to their clinic. As a fun fact, this international delivery was done in person during a dental event.

Digital Smile Design logo

“PIC dental is the missing link for obtaining passive fit on full arch implant restorations in a digital workflow.”

Christian Coachman - portrait crop
Dr. Christian Coachman

- Founder of Digital Smile Design

Pikos Institute logo

“PIC dental is the best kept secret in dental implantology since the Branemark system.”

Michael Pikos - portrait crop
Dr. Michael Pikos

- Founder of Pikos Institute

Galleria Maxillofacial

Galleria Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery clinic - Roseville, CA, USA

Scaling up to 2 PIC systems and beyond

The Galleria specializes in a full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery treatments. They range from corrective jaw surgery to “teeth-in-an-hour”, their take on immediate loading that uses the PIC system’s precise implants capture to bring patients functioning prosthesis with a guaranteed passive fit right after the surgery.

After just 4 months scaling up their full arch practice with their first PIC system and seeing the results, Dr. Antipov added a second PIC system to the clinic to meet their growing demand. They are already considering a third one for a new international location.

Christensen Dental Associates

“It’s not just, ‘Oh, here’s your scanner. This is how you take it. You’re done.’ No, it was: ‘Hey, this is how you use it effectively.’ And that’s what I’m grateful for, because nobody, no other company does that.”

Dr. David K. Christensen
Dr. David K Christensen

- Partner of Christensen Dental Associates

Dr. Ramón Goméz Meda's experience with the PIC system


"Our appointment times have been cut from 9 or more to 2! The time is used to take to get a verified model was upwards of 3-4 months routinely and has been cut to as little as 2 hours! Unreal!"

Smoler - portrait crop
Bruce Smoler, DDS, FAGD, FICOI

- Owner of Smoler Smiles

PIC system experience from Dr. Alex Fibishenko and Dr. Michael A. Pikos

signature smiles logo

“I'm very happy with the PIC system because it's definitely changing my life, how I used to work and how I'm going to start working now." 

Dr. Sharma - portrait crop
Jatinder Sharma, DDS

-Owner of Signature Smiles

Dani Dental Studio logo

“We've been thinking how to multiply what we can do”. The PIC system is “the only way to really accelerate and be able to help more people at the same time.

Assen Dobrikov
Assen Dobrikov, DT

- CEO of Dani Dental Studio

Scale Up

Your Full Arch Practice

More cases in less time.

Forget the usual bottlenecks of a high volume of full arch implant-prostheses rehabilitations.

Improve the quality of your restorations while reducing costs, work, delivery time and patient appointments.
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