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PIC pro

The most advanced proprietary digital process created to achieve predictable results in full arch treatments with a consistent digital workflow.

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On-site. Chairside. By your side.

Your clinic, your team, your patients.

The PIC pro training is provided exclusively on-site at your location by a PIC dental specialist.


Advanced, actionable knowledge

Over 30 topics in eight categories cover full arch implant restorations from start to finish

Enrich your workflow and get all the benefits the day after training.

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1. PIC system

Learn to take full advantage of the PIC system's clinical benefits within your workflow. You and your team will learn to capture implant positions with the PIC system in a variety of clinical cases based on your own patients.

PIC pro - Patient records

2. Patient records

Master a digital approach to key measurements for a successful full arch rehabilitation and improve clinic-lab communication.

PIC pro - digital tools

3. Digital tools

Enhance the performance of your in-house CAD/CAM tools, get the most of your intraoral scanner, learn about scan markers, screw & connection selection...

PIC pro - landmark alignment

4. Landmark alignment

Strategies for landmark alignment: how to work with natural & implant landmarks, alignment strategy for enhanced precision, scan marker choices beyond scan bodies...


5. CAD software

Integrating patient records in CAD software, aligning the PIC file, scan data file management & organization, shortcuts & tips...

PIC pro - CAD (multiple)

6. CAM / Production

Material selection tips, 3D printing optimization, milling strategy... every detail to manufacture prostheses with optimal fit and function.

PIC pro- prosthodontic workflows

7. Prosthodontic workflows

How to manage a fully modelless workflow, designing ti-base-less prosthesis, working with dentures for intaglio reference...

PIC pro-protocols

8. Treatment protocols

Defined protocols and patient record management for any case: immediate loading or delayed loading with transitional, temporary or final prostheses.

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unique protocol. Customized for you and your team.

Every clinic is different. Every patient is, too.

PIC pro goes far beyond teaching how to use the PIC system. Its main goal is to implement a digital full arch workflow customized to the needs and equipment of the clinic and its internal or external laboratory.

Christensen Dental Associates

“It’s not just, ‘Oh, here’s your scanner. This is how you take it. You’re done.’ No, it was: ‘Hey, this is how you use it effectively.’ And that’s what I’m grateful for because nobody, no other company does that.”

David K. Christensen - portrait crop
Dr. David K Christensen

- Partner at Christensen Dental Associates

Did you know?


We never deliver the PIC system to new customers without a PIC pro training.

The PIC system always includes a mandatory PIC pro training of 3 to 5 days, done on-site at the customer's premises, with their complete team and their patients. 

Work the way you want to

Immediate, transitional, provisional, definitive...

Any and all.

PIC pro - Immediate loading

Immediate loading

During your PIC pro training, you will be able to compare different immediate loading protocols: immediate provisional + definitive, immediate final, immediate transitional + provisional... and decide on the most suitable protocol for your clinical team.

PIC pro - final restoration

Final restoration

The PIC pro training also provides a 100% digital immersion in delayed loading protocols for any patient situation: with dentures, with partial dentures, with tooth mobility, edentulous...


“Training with PIC dental has given us all the confidence in the world, to do these cases moving forward. The training was fantastic as far as feeling comfortable and giving us a real foundation.”

Dr. Amar Katranji

- Partner at Nemeth & Katranji Periodontics

Elan Implant Center logo

"We were happy to see them teach us how to do not only the clinical aspect, but also the lab portion. They also showed us how to implement new techniques. It's been wonderful."

Dr. Mauricio Moeller

- Owner of Elan Implant Center

Latest PIC pro experiences

These are actual experiences of PIC pro trainings delivered to dental offices and laboratories from all around the world.

PIC pro at MundArt

PIC pro at MundArt

“I bought it because I'm convinced that you can't be efficient without it anymore in a modern digital workflow,” said Dr. Stephan Wimmer af...

First PIC pro training at a large Midwestern Public University in the US

First PIC pro training at a large Midwestern Public University in the US

“This is one of those technologies that will completely change the paradigm of implant dentistry,” says one of the university’s residents a...

PIC pro distributor training at 3DentaSoft in Romania

PIC pro distributor training at 3DentaSoft in Romania

“Photogrammetry and the PIC system really changed the way of our work,” says Mario Viezuianu, DT, after becoming the official PIC dental di...

PIC pro at Clinique Chirurgicale du Libournais

PIC pro at Clinique Chirurgicale du Libournais

“I am looking for passivity of my restorations.,” said Dr. Brothier when deciding to implement the PIC system Gravity into his clinic.

PIC pro at Dentaal Tema

PIC pro at Dentaal Tema

“We strongly believe that this will help us to help our customers and our patients to have better dental solutions,” says laboratory manage...

PIC pro at Cosmetic Dental Design

PIC pro at Cosmetic Dental Design

“PIC was the obvious choice,” said Michael McGrath, DT, the lab's director, when deciding to implement the PIC system.

Scale Up

Your Full Arch Practice

More cases in less time.

Forget the usual bottlenecks of a high volume of full arch implant-prostheses rehabilitations.

Improve the quality of your restorations while reducing costs, work, delivery time and patient appointments.
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