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A committed network of distributors 

PIC dental's products are available in the whole world with direct sales as well as official distributors in some countries.

Our international network of distributors provides official, local sales channels of PIC dental products in some regions, often complemented by additional services to support your practice.
Our high customer care requirements mean that all distributors are rigorously vetted and must work closely with our team to train their technical and sales specialists to the same high standards of our in-house dental experts in order to provide you with quality service to acquire your PIC system and get your on-site PIC pro training.
PIC dental is proud to partner with such a diverse and dedicated group of companies who help bring our solutions closer to dental practices around the world.

PIC dental Distributor Summit 2023 in Madrid, Spain

PIC dental held its first Distributor Summit in Madrid. The event was organized to support the work of PIC dental's worldwide distribution network.


PIC dental distributors 


Cora Medical (Portugal)

Natrodent (Poland)

Meddix Dental (Croatia)

3DentaSoft (Romania)

North America

PIC dental LLC (US)


Foshion (China)

IM8 (Vietnam)

Tdentallab (Thailand)

Middle East

Dental Tec Center (Israel)

Dubai Medical Equipment (UAE)

Orthopia (Turkey)

Rest of territories

PIC dental HQ (Spain & International)


Chairside Solutions

Locations: New York, NY and Houston, TX, United States
Telephone: +1 516-246-2723

PIC dental distributors - Chairside Solutions map

Chairside Solutions provides turnkey solutions for dentists and labs to implement digital workflows and produce efficiently. From scanners, milling machines, 3D printers, design software, lab equipment, and cutting-edge materials, Chairside Solutions is your digital dentistry partner and one-stop shop to take your operations to the next level.

PIC dental distributors - CORA Medical map

Cora Medical

Location: Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
Telephone: (+351) 912 635 833

Cora medical image

Cora Medical is a distributor of digital dental equipment and technologies specializing in the PIC system. Their extensive range of digital workflow courses provide customers with up-to-date knowledge. 

 They provide a variety of products, including PIC system, milling cutters, drills, and CAD/CAM supplies.



Location: Łódź, Poland
Telephone: +48 42 292 06 66

PIC dental distributors - Natrodent map

Teamwork is the foundation of Natrodent. Their strategy is to train dentists and technicians with the latest, up-to-date dental technology. Natrodent is all about increasing efficiency and the quality of work for their clients and enriching the lives of their doctors with innovative principles. 

Natrodent distributor feature

PIC pro distributor training at Natrodent in Poland

“I am happy to offer this system and solution to dentists in Poland,” says Piotr Nagadowski, DT after his PIC pro distributor training in Poland. 

Meddix Dental logo
PIC dental distributors - Meddix Dental map

Meddix Dental

Location: Šibenik, Croatia
Telephone: (+385) 22 331 029

Meddix Dental photo

Meddix Dental distributes everything needed for high-quality dental work including diagnostic devices, dental equipment, implants and CAD/CAM devices, and they also provide educational opportunities.

Their goal is to distribute top quality products and provide dentists and their patients with safety in their work during dental procedures.

3dentasoft Logo

Laborator Zirkon Implant SRL

Location: Bucharest, Romania
Telephone: (+407) 36692898

PIC dental distributors -3DentaSoft map
3dentasoft photo

Specializing in seamless, digital workflows, 3DentaSoft is a cutting-edge laboratory that also stands out for its commitment to delivering fast and accurate systems to dental labs. What sets them apart is their dedication to ensuring a smooth experience for clients by providing installation and technical support with every delivery.

3DentaSoft also offers personalized dental consulting solutions tailored to each customer. Their customer-centric approach embodies our shared values of excellence and customer satisfaction.

Foshion logo
PIC dental distributors - Foshion map

Foshion Dental (Sisram Dental)

Location: Shanghai, China
Telephone: (+86) 400 8330 556

Founded in 2002, Foshion Dental is always concentrated on high technology and advanced dental equipments, products and technical service.

With sales channels all over China, a professional technical team, and prospective international cooperation, Foshion Dental is one of the biggest innovative dental equipment and instrument marketing platforms in China.

Foshion photo
IM8 logo

IM8 Trading Co., Ltd

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Telephone: (+84) 028 38 63 63 45

PIC dental distributors - SIV map
2022-11 HIDEC 2022 Blog cover

IM8 is the exclusive distributor of Straumann Group’s dental implant products within Vietnam. Their goal is to provide long-term, cooperative relationships with their customers by bringing them the most advanced dental solutions, including the PIC system.

PIC pro distributor training at IM8 in Vietnam

“Easy to use, faster design time and the most important thing is accuracy. I trust the system 100% after 10 clinical cases,” says Cong Phat Truong after his PIC pro training and becoming the first official PIC dental distributor in Vietnam. 

SIV distributor feature
Tdentallab logo
PIC dental distributors - Tdentallab map


Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Telephone: +66 (2) 331 9800

Tdentallab is the only dental laboratory in Thailand using CAD/CAM system and high-strength all-ceramic materials for restorations. They distribute all the dental solutions required to built a full digital ecosystem at any practice.

Tdentallab photo
Dental Tec Center logo

Dental Tec Center

Location: Jerusalem, Israel
Telephone: (+972) 052 250 7416

PIC dental distributors - Dental-Tec-Center map
Dental Tec Center photo

For over 30 years, Dental Tec Center has aimed to increase patient access to quality dentistry by enhancing the capabilities of the clinicians who serve them.

By pairing innovative technologies with a practitioner-first mindset, they have developed practical, industry-leading solutions that improve the lives of patients and dentists alike. They work tirelessly to improve the quality, convenience and cost-effectiveness of the materials they offer and the methods they employ.

DME logo
PIC dental distributors - Dubai Medical Equipment map

Dubai Medical Equipment (Qualident)

Location: Dubai, UAE
Telephone: (+971)43427576

Since their start in 1997, Qualident's goal has been to provide the best in restorations for the dental community. They have developed and perfected their skills in all fields of dental aesthetics. Using state-of-the-art technology they are able to provide fast and quality assured restorations, and by Identifying growing areas in the industry and keeping track of new trends they are always ahead in the market.


Qualident photo
Orthopia logo


Location: Eskiesehir, Turkey
Telephone: (+90) 222 239 88 88

PIC dental distributors - Orthopia
Orthopia photo

Orthopia is an innovative company focusing on patient specific digital dental and medical solutions. The main philosophy of the company is to achieve real clinical results from virtual digital applications with using dynamic, professional and rational processes. It is one of the first fully digital-based healthcare companies in Turkey.

PIC dental logo - main

PIC dental LLC

Location: Miami (FL), United States
Telephone: (+1) 786 808 4276

PIC dental distributors - PIC dental LLC
PIC dental US office

PIC dental LLC is the direct branch of PIC dental for the US & Canada.

PIC dental HQ

Location: Madrid, Spain 
Telephone: +34 919 491 235

PIC dental distributors - PIC dental HQ

PIC dental's headquarters in Madrid, Spain provide direct sales to all the territories of the world that are not covered by external distributors.

Distribute PIC dental solutions

Distribution licenses are available if you want to offer PIC dental solutions in your area.

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