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2022-08 timeline 2009
PIC camera 2010 logo


PIC system is released


Initially called just "PIC camera", the world’s first and most precise implants oral scanner became a reality. The recently founded company began to build a network of distributors and customers around the world

The idea of a digital transformation was still a utopia-like concept for most of the dental industry at the time. Back in 2009, very few dental practices owned in-house digital solutions such as the intraoral scanners that are commonplace today.



Expodental 2010


One of the first commercial presentations of the company was its own stand at the Expodental trade fair, where some of the first customers decided to purchase a PIC system for their dental practice.

The PIC system in 2010


First international distributor


PIC dental continued taking steps towards a global expansion, signing up its first international distributor in the Netherlands.


PIC dental’s in-house hybrid production center


May 2013 was when the Sintermec Project was founded. It was an in-house dental prostheses production center that combined laser sintering and milling technologies, which offered digital impression services with the PIC system and production of CAD/CAM structures for dental prosthesis.

This project continued for several years as it allowed PIC dental to complete thousands of full arch implant restoration cases in-house to validate the performance of the PIC system and quickly refine the PIC pro workflow.

Over 3,000

in-house full arch clinical cases completed


In 2015, PIC dental completed an average of 60 full arch prostheses each week. The in-house production center became the main solution for many customers in addressing their most complex cases.

PIC center kept ramping up its capacity year-over-year. The star product became the immediate loading treatments, achieving 500+ same-day full arch screwed provisional deliveries.
Getting the impression, designing and manufacturing in the same day was not an issue anymore. The daily workload for immediate loading cases became a standard solution for our customers.




immediate loading cases
completed in-house

PIC system continued to get validated by new scientific publications.

PIC dental's in-house production center kept ramping up its capacity year-over-year.

Scientific publications - 2016

Global Presence

PIC dental kept expanding, adding customers in 5 more countries:

Asset 3


Asset 3


Asset 3


Asset 3


Asset 3


Pikos Institute logo

“PIC dental is the best kept secret in dental implantology since the Branemark system.”

Michael Pikos - portrait crop
Dr. Michael Pikos

- Founder of Pikos Institute

PIC dental - FDA


FDA certification


PIC dental received its FDA approval to allow PIC system sales in the US.




clinical cases
completed in-house

More in vivo and in vitro clinical studies of the PIC system continued providing scientific validation of our solution.

Our team completed 5,000 successful clinical cases.

200,000 successful clinical cases
After thousands of successful clinical cases, PIC dental sold its production center and finished providing in-house cases as a service due to the growing success of sales, leading to an exponential increase in patients treated directly by PIC system owners.

By this time, over 200,000 patients were successfully treated worldwide using a PIC system to get a passive fit in their full arch cases.
PIC dental - scientific evidence


PIC system - impression taking lateral shot
PIC dental - ISO 13485

ISO 13485 certification


PIC dental received its certification for ISO 13485, a proactive approach that prevents incidents by prioritizing patient safety and ensuring the company is up to date with the latest quality management system practices.

Miami offices

US Office


PIC dental opened its first US office in Miami, Florida.

Global Presence

PIC dental continues to expand, adding customers in 7 more countries:

Asset 3


Asset 3


Asset 3


Asset 3

New Zealand

Asset 3


Asset 3

United Arab Emirates

Asset 3



Tripled turnover 


PIC dental tripled its turnover year-to-year in both 2020 and 2021. 

PIC pro chairside
PIC dental - iOS capture 2
600,000 successful clinical cases
After over a decade of operation, over half a million dental implants patients worldwide have been successfully treated using the PIC system.





With 2 new peer-reviewed papers in 2023, the PIC system continues to be the most scientifically validated solution for a predictable measurement of full arch implants. We have also reached over a million clinical cases, further solidifying our position.
Pozzie et al scientific article image composition.


This video showcases a celebration of PIC dental over the last 15 years, with happy PIC dental customers.  

15 year anniversary of PIC dental
PIC dental has been continually evolved, ensuring that our solutions remain at the forefront of digital dentistry. Now, after 15 years, we're proud of our global impact.



PIC dental is pleased to collaborate now with 10 dedicated companies that play a vital role in making our dental solutions more accessible to practices worldwide. 
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