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Technology is not enough: escape the gray zone

Dr. Christian Coachman, the founder of Digital Smile Design, shared a conversation with Adrián Hernández to discuss creating new routines in your clinic, copy-paste dentistry and the importance of being resilient to achieve success.

PIC dental

Jun 01, 2023


In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape within the dental industry, adopting new procedures and technologies can often feel overwhelming. Dr. Christian Coachman, the founder of Digital Smile Design (DSD) and Adrián Hernández, the founder of PIC dental, discuss this topic and explore the relationship between technology and process.

“People that are making more money because of PIC dental did two things. First, they learned the big picture. Then, they had the strength, resilience, and discipline to make this become a routine.”

When it comes to implementing new technology in a dental practice, Dr. Coachman considers that it is essential to understand that the early stages may not feel natural or seamless. However, through persistence and repetition, a new routine can be established, allowing for increased efficiency and profitability. The PIC system enables dentists to make the new workflow a routine from the start by using the PIC pro training for its implementation.


“As soon as this becomes your new routine, your life is so much better, and you work with so much less stress.”

When integrating a new technology you “need to start with the why”. One example is the common misconception that the main benefit of the PIC system is getting precise implant measurements. However, that is the wrong answer because the “why”, the actual purpose of implementing the system and its precision must be considered through its role in the overall process and its final result, which is the full arch implant rehabilitation.

In that sense, the PIC system, together with the PIC pro workflow, achieve increased predictability and productivity in treatments, which is their true advantage as eliminating bottlenecks and saving time allows dental practices to scale up their full arch restorations.

“That's what we call copy-paste dentistry. Starting from a digital patient, you developed a project in the digital environment, you're executing something in the mouth, and you want this project to be exactly the same after your procedure.”

All-digital workflows, such as the PIC pro workflow, enable new possibilities. One of their main advantages is the consistent and lossless management of patient records from the beginning to the end of a treatment, meaning that the final outcome will closely match the initial design.


Dr. Coachman defines this concept as copy-paste dentistry. To truly benefit from it, dentists must transition from an analog mindset and fully embrace a digital approach, where repeatability is a given and allows reducing stress and increase work efficiency.

“Every time you buy new technology or implementing a new system, you are in the gray zone. Meaning that sensation that is not natural […] but you need to insist, repeat, repeat, repeat.”

Moving from the comfort of familiarity to the realm of new processes and technologies can be challenging. Dentists often hesitate to fully embrace a digital workflow, resulting in an inconsistent approach which limits their productivity.

PIC pro EIC 21

The gray zone, as it is called by Dr. Coachman, represents the space of transition between conventional analog methods and a fully digital approach. Dentists must get the strength, discipline, and clear vision to overcome this gray zone by fully committing to the digital workflow, as that is the only way to benefit from its advantages.

“I don't know one dentist that went full power digital past the gray zone (meaning digital became the only way and became a routine) and then said: ‘no, I think I'm gonna go back. It's better.’ That story doesn't exist.”

Embracing a reliable, proven digital workflow is the only way to achieve the maximum possible efficiency, productivity, and patient satisfaction. The PIC system and PIC pro workflow are a comprehensive framework that brings predictability and productivity to unlock the full potential of digital dentistry for full arch restorations!

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