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Becoming a PIC dental distributor


2/4 Smart Investment 

Learn about the benefits of investing in the distribution of PIC dental solutions.

Case Acceptance

  Smart Investment 

PIC dental
maximizes the profitability of clinics and dental laboratories, avoiding the duplication of jobs and steps within the rehabilitation process.

PIC dental increases the quality of prostheses through significant productivity gains. All of this will help your clients to increase the satisfaction and loyalty of their patients.


  • Increase chairside profitability
  • Increase restorations accuracy
  • Drastic reduction of impression times
  • Maximize production efficiency
  • No impressions retaken
  • Minimize structure testing
  • Reduce abutment costs
  • Precise Implant Positions: regardless of operator, technique and patient


  • Guaranteed prosthesis passive fit
  • Reduce material costs
  • Minimize transport costs
  • Efficient measuring process
  • Improved prosthesis planning
  • CAD/CAM-specific training
  • Custom implant libraries
  • Global network of laboratories


EN ISO 9001: 2015

Design, manufacture and distribution of optical 3D-measuring systems and their software as well as systems in the file of close range photogrammetry, digital image processing and industrial measurements.


According to annex II (excluding section 4) of Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC DIN.

EN ISO 13485: 2012

Development, production, distribution and service of optical 3D-measuring systems for medical use, including software, and navigation-software with component parts for medical use.