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Becoming a PIC dental distributor


1/4 Company Profile 

Learn all about PIC dental and the benefits of becoming a PIC dental distributor.

The Company 

Industry-leading innovation since 2010

PIC dental began out of a need to fill the gap of the conventional methods to take implant impressions. From day one, we achieved our goal of an accuracy that led to a passive fit in 99.9% of multiple implant rehabilitations.

PIC dental is a team of dentists, dental technicians, engineers and creatives focused on bringing the cutting edge of implantoprosthesis rehabilitations to dentists and patients worldwide.

Since 2010, PIC dental has been the only digital impression technique specialized exclusively in multiple implant restorations. Precise up to 4 microns, it is validated by more than 31 peer-reviewed scientific studies and over 1,000,000 successful clinical cases.

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The Products  

PIC dental provides the most accurate and effective implant prosthesis rehabilitation solution on the market.

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PIC pro

An advanced proprietary digital process created to achieve predictable results in full arch treatments with a consistent digital workflow. 

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PIC transfers

Photogrammetry implant transfers available for thousands of different implant platforms.

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PIC suite

The software component of the PIC system, used to set up clinical cases and perform the capture of implant positions.


MundoPIC dental is widely used in over 28 countries worldwide. 

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PIC camera®

A stereo camera that captures images of the PIC transfers, which are relayed to the PIC suite software for measurement. Its MicronVision camera modules provide an accuracy of up to <4 microns in controlled conditions.

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PIC system Gravity

All-In-One design integrating the PIC camera, its image processing unit, a computer with the PIC suite software, and a touchscreen. Includes Zero-Gravity Arm, QuickSwitch Power, and All-On-4 wheels. 

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PIC system

The PIC system integrates all the components into a single, compact case with a small footprint that only has one external cable used to connect it to AC power. 

Selling approaches

There are two main approaches to offer PIC dental to your customers:



Offer PIC dental technology to dental practices with a heavy workload of implant restorations. The combination of the PIC system and PIC pro is the only solution that can reliably provide clinicians with a precise and predictable result: a guaranteed passive fit of the prosthesis regardless of the implant number and angulations.


Offer PIC dental as a new business model for  dental labs. You can provide assistance to their clinic customers by taking precise implant impressions and designing structures with 100% adjustment.