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Best in class precision

The PIC system’s precision is of 6 microns (under controlled light, temperature and humidity conditions).

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Guaranteed passive fit

The system's precision stays consistent regardless of the operator's experience and number and distribution of implants.

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Scientifically & clinically validated for +12 years

The PIC system is validated by 15+ scientific publications and more than 250,000 successful clinical cases from our customers.

New PIC cameraPIC camera®

stereo camera that captures images of the PIC transfers, which are relayed to the PIC suite software for measurement.

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<4 microns

accuracy in

controlled conditions

We're really splitting hairs.

The custom-manufactured Micron Vision camera modules provide an accuracy of up to <4 microns (under controlled light, temperature and humidity conditions).

Quantum Lock

Calibrated for life.

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Quantum Lock is our method for permanent mechanical calibration. It uses precisely manufactured aerospace-grade materials unaffected by temperature fluctuations, humidity, or vibrations that happen during normal use in clinical conditions.

This allows the PIC camera to operate without ever requiring software calibration for dimensional compensation. 

Get a Grip.

It comes in the box.

The Grip is a custom-designed, removable handle and base for the PIC camera. It has a low shape profile that gives improved ergonomics without adding bulk.

Grip and PIC cameras formula

The Grip provides a solid frame that’s comfortable for moving or holding the PIC camera during capturing. It has a base with anti-slip material that keeps the camera stable with a low center of gravity.

The Grip accessory

Scale Up

Your Full Arch Practice

More cases in less time.

Forget the usual bottlenecks of a high volume of full arch implant-prostheses rehabilitations.

Improve the quality of your restorations while reducing costs, work, delivery time and patient appointments.
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